Senior Node.js Developer

We are looking for a Node.js developer for a client-server project. You will be developing the server side of the application, designing the application logic and maintain the databases. You will strive to achieve and maintain high performance and responsiveness, prioritizing the responsiveness to request from the front-end above all else.

While the front-end elements will be developed by your coworkers from another team, you will be responsible for their integration into the overall project. Therefore, you need to have a basic understanding of front-end technologies.


  • Develop the back-end software, maintain and update the existing code;
  • Follow the Scrum workflow and complete tasks from the team backlog;
  • Assist with creation and development of feature requirements;
  • Report issues with the code and improve upon them.


  • 5+ years of programming experience;
  • 3+ years of JavaScript and Node.js experience;
  • Experience with REST, WebSocket, MySQL/PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis;
  • Experience with Docker and AWS Infrastructure;
  • Understanding of asynchronous development and data security principles;
  • Ability to write readable, well-documented code;
  • Self-motivation, goal-oriented approach;
  • Intermediate (or higher) English skills.
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