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Agile Testing

In Agile development, selecting the appropriate test approach is crucial for your QA’s strategy success. We’ll help you find the best balance between documentation and communication, make the process crystal clear, and adjust the scope of testing to support your deadlines.


Automated Testing

Done right, automated testing will save considerable time and effort. It eliminates human error and gets rid of repetitive QA tasks. We’ll define the scope of automation, research the best tools for the job, and then build a working Proof of Concept. You get full-spectrum quality assurance and testing solutions across desktop, web and mobile applications. Focus on what’s important and automate the rest.


Functional Testing

An essential, functional testing helps concentrate efforts on the user’s perspective and needs. In Binary Studio, we control the quality of testing through continuous training and coaching for our specialists. Test procedures are built based on the business context and test design techniques to cover the edge cases, both business and technical. These techniques are oriented on feature flows and overall system specifics. They help QAs to build effective test coverage and avoid wasting time on unnecessary tests.


Performance Testing

With our QA experience and expertise, you will gain a thorough understanding of any performance issues, risks, or vulnerabilities that your system has. We use modern tools and analytics to understand what modules are under the heaviest user load and which activities or functions are creating bottlenecks. After fixing the bottleneck, it is also important to use the data gathered data to create load test scenarios for any possible future regressions in performance.


API Testing

We cover all layers of software testing. API tests are fast, informative tests for business logic that are independent of the changes in the UI. These help us effectively control the quality of your server side and are often easy to automate. While code integration testing might be costly to implement, API tests could be an alternative solution for fast feedback on the health of your business logic implementation.


Mobile Testing

You’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge solidified over 18 years of work on mobile native, web, and cross-platform projects. We have the expertise to build robust and intricate test coverage for your platform, network conditions, and performance. This extends to the complexity of numerous operating systems and countless devices for supporting high-quality cross-platform apps. When it comes to mobile, rest easy – we know what to test, when, and how.

Everything you need to take your mobile product idea from zero to hero

Why PebbleBridge

Access to top 0.5% of engineering talent

Every year, more than 8,000 people apply to our award-winning international training program. After 3 months of intense coursework, we invite only the most talented and dedicated graduates to join our team of professionals.

Gold-certified Microsoft partner

Expertise you can trust. Many of our expert engineers and IT Specialists are Microsoft Certified Professionals offering best-in-class capabilities committed to continuous skill development. We value our Gold partnership and constantly train and develop our technical skills and knowledge.


Digital artisans

We love what we do, and we do what we love. 9 out of 10 of our clients use ‘exceptional quality of engineers’ to describe us. Our mission is to share responsibility and successfully exceed your expectations by delivering software your customers will love, on schedule, and within budget.


Committed to long- term

Our clients value us as dependable long-term technology partners and advisors. Our average partnership lasts about 3.5 years, but multiple clients have been working with us for 15+ years! We are dedicated to full transparency and timely communication on all aspects of your project.

Ready to start in just 2 weeks

Within 2 weeks of your request, our experts will launch our proprietary “Inception” program. Inception will help us shape the tech requirements, create a roadmap for your project, assemble the best team with relevant expertise, and ensure a smooth start to your project.

Seamless integration and scaling

Agile by design and small by choice, our team easily integrates into your business processes. Hire or scale your team with certified top-notch specialists quickly and when you need it. That is exactly what we have been doing for our clients for nearly two decades!

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